hello partner

We wish to import products from overseas factories for distribution in our country. We are committed to consuming a large number of products. If you are manufacturing engine air filters, fuel filters, gas pumps, brake pads, spark plugs, coils, …; Please contact us, to negotiate, we will take the bulk.

Consumption commitment

We are committed to importing goods in large quantities every year

Commodity commitment

We need a commitment to the best chemical quality

Commitment Shipping

We guarantee to receive the goods according to the signed contract

About our facility

number of workers

Always guarantee more than 5000

Warehouse area

10000 square meters


we consume each product code 100000 per year

hello I am the General Director of the company Hương Auto Part we always look forward to cooperation, always put the interests of you and our company first. So we need you to guarantee the best price and quality for us, we will be glad if you consider us as a long term partner.